Deen Trust, an established UK-based not-for-profit organization, has been aiding impoverished nations worldwide for over 10 years, monthly donations to distribution centers where needed, the Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital in Chichawatni, Pakistan and more.

How Deen Trust Helped Thousands of People

Deen Trust was founded in 2005 by Mohammad Ali Din. Headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Deen Trust was founded with the vision of assisting people in third world countries with basic needs that are the rights of every human being. In 2004, when Mohammad Ali Din visited Pakistan to get treatment for his ailing father, he saw the dilapidated conditions of hospitals, lack of proper treatment procedures in hospitals and the expensive medications that made it difficult for him to get his father’s treatment done adequately.

It was during this trip that Ali Din wondered about the plight of locals in Pakistan, especially the poor. He could not understand how those below the poverty could afford basic healthcare, when even he was having difficulty keeping up with his father’s hospital bills. It was then that he decided to take a stand and establish Deen Trust in aid of the impoverished people all around the world, starting from Pakistan.

Till date, Deen Trust has held over 50 fundraising events, hosted 15 annual vaccinations’ distribution, over 70 food drives, 7 eye camps, 2 dispensaries and now the Trust is in the process of establishing its own fleet of ambulances. Starting from a single employee, the Trust now has a network of partners, staff and donors that make its running possible. Deen Trust’s flagship project, The Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital, caters to over 25,000 people in the village of Chichawatni, Punjab alone and 60,000 overall in nearby villages. Friends and regular donors have made all the efforts possible and now Deen Trust is expanding its reach to the wider global public to enhance the difference it is already making.

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