Ambulances are one of the fundamentals to effective healthcare provision. Deen Trust aims to have a minimum of 1 ambulance for the Deen Trust Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital, to assist patients in the area who lack transport capabilities.

Transport When Needed Most

Deen Trust also aims to provide ambulances to those hospitals that do not have ambulance service for its patients in other rural areas. Donations go towards funding the following:

1 large, fully equipped ambulance: £10,000
1 small, semi-equipped ambulance: £5,000
Running cost for ambulances: £2,400 per year

A primary issues encountered in impoverished areas with limited facilities is the lack of emergency transportation services available to residents. Locals often have to walk miles before they reach a medical facility.

The lack of instant transportation proves fatal in many cases. Deen Trust has an existing fleet of transportation vehicles that it aspires to expand to a greater number and dedicate ambulances to each of its ongoing projects.