Deen Trust Internationall Village

Our projects have been diverse but always to aid and benefit the common man. With our villages we are seeking to house severely marginalized families in interior Sindh and bring them together in one place. Providing them access to shelter and seeing to their hygienic needs is a priority.

Providing Shelter for Safety

The Deen Trust International Village shall encompass 3 acres of land and hold basic structures to house a single family unit. The homes would consist of 2 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bit of open space. Indoor plumbing will also provide protection and safeguard the women’s sensibilities since they have had to resort to visiting the fields to find private corners.

We came across this project when the Trust’s team would be visiting and installing handpumps and water wells across Thar and other parts of interior Sindh. The purpose of us developing this village is to provide safety to the minority community who have been labelled as black pariah’s or outcasts from their own communities. The end result is scattered families across interior Sindh who live under straw structures which cannot keep them protected from the elements when the season change.

The first phase of the project is to build 50 homes. After which the remaining two phases of the plan will start to slowly take effect i.e. building a remaining 50 homes and a school to help keep the children educated.

We need your help in finishing the procurement of the land with a collective of £7,000 pound. The land would be located in Tehsil Digri District, Mir pur Khas, Sindh, Pakistan. Each home requires a gift of £1,500 to be constructed.

We encourage groups of family and friends to come together and make collective donations for our projects. In this regards, if 10 donors came together and gifted £150 each, then we would be successfully able to construct one home. This is a great way for like minded individuals to unite for a cause and make a lasting impact in the lives of others.


Note: This project is also Zakat eligible