Please support our campaign to build 100 water hand pumps, they cost £90 each. These water pumps will help thousands of people.

Water Hand Pumps

I am raising funds for much needed water Handpumps in an area of Pakistan where I have been carrying out charity projects for many years.

Your support will contribute to hand pumps and wells which will be strategically placed to make a massive impact in areas where there is no clean water to drink or they have to travel far to get the water.  These water pumps make a big difference in peoples lives and it serves as a great Sadaqa Jaria for the donor.

Safe clean drinking water is a necessity which many of us take for granted without which communities are impacted considerably.

We can also do wells which cost from £750 upwards.  Please donate now and help us make life easier for these poor people in villagers in Pakistan. The water project will make life much easier for the poor and needy and they can concentrate on other aspects of their lives.

We have a target of 100 water hand pumps and hope to build these soon in’sha’Allah.

Please help us to meet this target.

They can be built in your name or of a deceased member of your family, this is one of the best kind of Sadaqa Jariah projects.

Take a step for humanity, donate today